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 I'm sure it was funny in her head ~

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I'm sure it was funny in her head ~ Empty
PostSubject: I'm sure it was funny in her head ~   I'm sure it was funny in her head ~ EmptyThu Feb 28, 2013 2:00 pm

[00:02:37 28/02/13] Elizaveta Héderváry : Salute mes amis.

[00:03:10 28/02/13] Elizaveta Héderváry : comment ca va ajourd'hui.

[00:04:44 28/02/13] Xiao Mei : I do not speak French if that is what you are speaking.

[00:05:45 28/02/13] Elizaveta Héderváry : There's google translationn and plenty of other siites you can use to translate.

[00:06:23 28/02/13] Elizaveta Héderváry : "hello friends. how are you today?" is what I said.

[00:07:00 28/02/13] Xiao Mei : Well you're so cool I couldn't understand you.

[00:07:10 28/02/13] Xiao Mei : And I am amazing.

[00:07:26 28/02/13] Elizaveta Héderváry : :/ okay?.

[00:07:41 28/02/13] Elizaveta Héderváry : Good to hear..

[00:08:17 28/02/13] Xiao Mei : Don't question my logic! *nod nod*.

[00:08:58 28/02/13] Elizaveta Héderváry : Don't take it personally. I was just stating what you could do since you have the whole innternet at the tip of your fingers.

[00:09:31 28/02/13] Xiao Mei : Yeah but it's to much work on my iPhone.
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I'm sure it was funny in her head ~
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