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 Koreans // HetaInter

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PostSubject: Koreans // HetaInter   Koreans // HetaInter EmptyTue Feb 05, 2013 9:32 pm

Yes, another minor observation of another HetaInter fellow ~

Forum Topic: I have returned!

hey everyone, guess who's back

I will not be able to describe on what has happened for the past month but basically my computer got this really bad virus and we had to restart it then we found out it needed a new notherboard and all that plus school which i got four classes and guh -shoots herself-

anyways, i hope you guys are happy im back... i dont know who missed me but i will try to be on as frequently as i can

hugs and kisses

mai aka Im Yong Soo

~ Not done yet ~

19:58:18] Im Yong Soo : umm....

[19:58:33] Im Yong Soo : jeez...i feel ignored.

[19:59:10] Im Yong Soo : so... no ne wants to join?.

[19:59:59] Xiao Mei : I don't know black butler.

[20:00:38] Lovino Vargas : mhm.

[20:01:38] Im Yong Soo : well, i have nightmare before christmas too.

[20:01:49] Im Yong Soo : it's a crossover, like i said so... if you dont know one you can do the other.

[20:02:52] Im Yong Soo : ..... i see im wasting my time here.

[20:02:55] Im Yong Soo has logged off the chat on Tue 5 Feb - 20:02.

[20:03:02] Im Yong Soo joined the chat on Tue 5 Feb - 20:03.

[20:03:19] Im Yong Soo : ....... any good animes you guys have been watching besides hetalia?.

[20:03:51] Sackboy has been disconnected on Tue 5 Feb - 20:03 (session timeout).

[20:03:51] Raven Portwood has been disconnected on Tue 5 Feb - 20:03 (session timeout).

[20:04:18] MatthewWilliams : uh i started kaze no stigma today it was on netflix and i was curious.

[20:04:36] Im Yong Soo : curious about what canada?.

[20:05:12] Im Yong Soo : oh, my forum you mean?.

[20:05:16] MatthewWilliams : uh these 2 families one can control fire the other wind and they're fighting and theres the black sheep of the fire family that learned wind magic.

[20:05:42] Xiao Mei : ..

[20:05:43] Im Yong Soo : ..... that sounds really weird..

[20:05:53] Im Yong Soo : im sorry but that just sounds really weird.

[20:06:03] MatthewWilliams : its weird but so far from the first episode seems pretty good.

[20:06:31] Im Yong Soo : Does anyone know a good forum maker?

I smell a conceited little prick c:
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Koreans // HetaInter
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