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 Vengence // Anivde

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Vengence // Anivde  Empty
PostSubject: Vengence // Anivde    Vengence // Anivde  EmptyFri Feb 01, 2013 6:27 pm

Just thought I'd put this bitch on here. She bothers me, a lot. Like she sucks at role playing, she's really annoying, and she thinks she can god-mod like a boss.

First off, you can't even spell vengeance right so why would we even /think/ about respecting you. Second, when we ignore you, GET THE MESSAGE THAT WE DON'T LIKE YOU. And third, the boobs in your icon look like bubbles and I wish you pop them so I can make fun of you for having flabby boobs.

So, I get a text from Brii today saying that she made her new fucking Alice account because Vengence was bothering her. I yelled at her to block her, but noooo she had to go and make a new fucking account. Oh my god. It's not that hard to click a button.

And she told me Vengence's new account. LOL. SHE'S SO PATHETIC IT MAKES ME WANT TO JUST LAUGH IN HER FACE. Her title says "ALL INSULTS YOU POST ON MY PROFILE WILL GET SCREEN CAPPED." Do we look like we care? We just love messing with you. You are the epitome to stupidity and should be hit by a truck because you are not worthy of anything.

So I just KNOW Fish might be dying to know her new account. So he can make her feel really stupid. So here it is. THE BITCH

Okay I'm done. I'll be back to rant about Reez and how she's full of BULLshit. LOL

Click & Send.
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Vengence // Anivde
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