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 "Official" groups

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"Official" groups Empty
PostSubject: "Official" groups   "Official" groups EmptyThu Jan 31, 2013 10:56 am

Allow me to steal this subtopic's virginity.

I hate Official groups

Okay, so... there's this Inyusha character who's head is growing too much for his own good. He is now "approving officials" all over anivide and adding them to a list of his. When I saw this little turd casually rolling around on Anivide, it kind of pushed me over the edge;

What really irked me is that now Brii made yet another Alice account and lavished it, and her older one with "The Official Alice blahblah OFFICIAL ANIVIDE" shit.
Knowing me and my sad incapability to hold my tongue when aggravated, I left a pretty little comment on that Official page:

Officials? Are you kidding me? This, my dear friend, is a cesspool of sheer stupidity and immaturity.

It's one thing to be good at a character, but it's another thing entirely to claim it as "Yours" unless it's an OC.
People are going to be roleplaying the same character all over the place, and who knows? There could be someone out there who's 10x better than you are. I personally have been roleplaying for a good eight or nine years, so experience and roleplay grouping are different stories entirely.

Unless whoever is behind the InuYashahanyou account is the person who actually /created/ the original character and the series, then they will never be the "Official," and they have no right to call themselves such. This holds the same for everyone else in this pathetic little clique of yours.

Just shut up and roleplay, you imbeciles. No one's impressed at any of your self-claimed "official" titles.

Their reply:

Check the site smart one. At the main page it says "DETICATED CHARACTER PORTRAYERS' -SMFH- LOL

BTW We're epic cosplayers.

I have a couple of things to say about that. First off, that 'deticated' thing wasn't there last time I checked. Second, I don't remember myself saying anything about cosplaying. Third.. they blocked me. Tralala ~

Just thought I'd throw that one out there ._.
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"Official" groups
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