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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptySat Jan 05, 2013 8:25 am

These are the rules that should be followed at all times.
Failure to do so will lead to the Administrator banning you.
Or lecturing you. But banishment sounds scarier, doesn't it?

1. The first rule of thisisourmindpalace is that we do not talk about thisisourmindpalace.

2. The second rule of thisisourmindpalace is we do not talk about thisisourmindpalace!

3. Be respectful to one another. There will be NO tolerance for cyber-bullying.

4. The most popular in any roleplay setting. Do NOT god-mod another writer. Dear lord, if this is done, you will be warned. Do it over and over again, and you will be banned. If you do not understand what god-modding is, it is taking control of another writer's character and/or making your character invincible.

5. Type in novel-style format. In other words, use paragraphs. You are expected to use proper grammar and spelling, unless your first language is not English (you should let everyone know that before posting). This does NOT mean you can't make the occasional mistake. We all make them.

6. Do not post or link to any disturbing material. NSFW will only be allowed within posts, in which you will notify everyone your post is NSFW at the beginning! Cursing is allowed, you motherfuckers.

7. Do not post as a character that you do not play. The only character you're allowed to write as is the character you registered for. Greedy little bastard. However, if you've discussed you're going to be writing as someone else with the Administrator, you'll be allowed. ONLY THEN, will you be allowed.

8. If you get into an argument with another member, rip one another to shreds. No, I'm kidding. TAKE IT ELSEWHERE, YOU FUCKS. No one wants to sit through that and no one is even interested in sitting through that, except me. Because your Administrator has a screw or two loose. If an argument rises between you and another member, move it to a PM or another form of communication.

9. If you talk about thisisourmindpalace, you'll be in some serious trouble. If you're even allowed to read this, this means the Administrator adores your fine piece of ass, but FAILURE TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT WILL LEAD TO HER ATTACKING YOU. Okay? Okay.

10. There's not really a tenth rule. I just didn't like ending the rules with 9. It looked weird.

If you do not follow any of these, you will either be lectured or immediately banished. This is your fair warning.

Forum Rules Mindpalacesig
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Forum Rules
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